Applications live their own live and evolve with time.

The Bugscenter provides and overview of all updates we’ve publiced for our applications with an exhaustive overview of what’s changed in each new version. We also plan to add support articles to this site in the future.


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Most recent updates

Below you will find an overview of our most recent updates:

  • WSB Guardian
    This version contains the following improvements: Optimisations to FileGuard to prevent double analysis of the same file Scans initiated through Windows Explorer now use NeoSCan and are more efficient Improved logging in some components
  • WSB Application Manager
    Modern look & feel Modernised design with rounded edges and shadow. Improvements to the used font. Visual effects on certain buttons. Active menu is indicated more reliable. General improvements Support for Microsoft .NET 4.8.0 added. Complete revision of the Insider module for improved performane. Replacing http with https protocol in certain modules. Optimizations on the […]
  • WSB Guardian
    New Dynalog now also registers the CPU-usage of the application DNS translation Resolved issues FileGuard garbish tasks weren’t executed Check on internet access in the newsfeed window Improvements Support for italic style in newsfeed Alternative DNS translation in case of issues Extended logging of XML related errors for investigation Centralisation of server connections Monitoring of […]
  • WSB Guardian
    New Most recent version-info can be retrieved through the about page. Option to no longer automatically calculate the hash by the file properties module. Disk usage section on monitoring page. Improvements Improved lay-out for the newsfeed window. Various improvements in the FileGuard module. Improvements to certain log messages. SharpZipLib updated to version 1.3.2. .NET Framework […]
  • WSB Hit 1000
    New features Personal navigation: choice from icons, labels or a combination. Option to reset statistics. Improvements Various improvements in the advertising module. Changed settings are now saved immediately. Speed of the game optimised. Optimisations to the contact form. Change http to https links. Asynchronous loading of statistics as well as various optimisations for better performance. […]
  • WSB Guardian
    New features File verification File verification is a simple way to verify the integrity of a file by using the files hash. It’s also possible to check the file for threats simultaniously. Neoscan Our new scan technology optimizes the use of local and online information to search efficiently for threats. This new modules simplifies scanning […]
  • WSB Guardian
    New Exclude certain files and folders from the FileGuard engine. Scan multiple files at once using the Windows Explorer integration. Automatic cleanup of temporary files created by WSB Guardian. Notification about what’s new in the latest version. Improvements Prevent FileGuard from checking a file before it’s ready.

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