Dear visitor,

Early 2019 our hosting provider was attacked by humans with bad intentions. Due to this attack, the database of this website was destroyed. Sadly the back-ups were as well. At this moment our hosting provider hasn’t been able to restore our data so far.

In the meantime we’ve undertaken the required actions to prevent this type of events from happening again. We longer rely on the back-ups of our hosting provider, but create and maintain them ourselves.

We try to restore this bugscenter as soon as possible, but certain release notes might be gone forever. We’ve decided to focus on our applications and re-add older release notes (where possible) with lower priority. New release notes will however be added immediately.

As you might have noticed, the bugscenter has a new look and feel. With this change, we’ve also switched to a bi-lingual set-up where the Dutch and English release notes will be published as two different posts. However, both posts will be linked to each other, so you can easily switch languages.

The release notes can be consulted by clicking on the corresponding application in the menu bar (on top of this page) or in the list below.

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